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Aero Gloss is an aircraft exterior and marine surface cleaner. As a non-abrasive, non-wax dry wash product it is safe and effective for all painted and unpainted surfaces. Aero Gloss conforms to the SAE Aerospace Aircraft Chemicals and Materials Certifications including ASTM F-484-77, ASTM F-519 and 1650 A.

Aero Gloss is applied full strength to a dry and cool surface with a soft cloth or applicator within an ambient temperature range of 36° F to 90° F, a surface temperature range of 40° F to 98° F and a relative humidity range of 15% to 75%. Residues are then wiped off with a soft clean cloth or pad.







55 Gallons, 5 Gallons, 1 Gallon, 1 Pint

-40° F to 150° F, -40° C to 66° C, 3 Years

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The surface should be dry and cool to touch. Newly painted surfaces must be fully cured as recommended by the paint manufacturer.

Liberally apply Aero Gloss to a soft, clean cloth, mop or sponge. Evenly spread Aero Gloss on a section or the entire surface. Slightly overlap sections as Aero Gloss is applied.

Allow to dry to a haze or indefinitely. Wipe off the haze with a soft polishing cloth, mop or buffer.