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Aero Gloss is used by major air cargo and commercial airlines worldwide to maintain and enhance the longevity of their aircraft exterior finishes. It is now available to the general aviation and experimental aircraft market. Removes turbine soot and exhaust stains from paints. It is an excellent plexiglass polish and can be applied with a power buffer. It takes 1-2 pints and 3-4 hours to polish an average Cessna 182 with Aero Gloss.

Aero Gloss is a high grade aircraft surface restorer and protector for longer paint life, less drag and higher appearance values.

It is the leading product used by the international commercial airline industry for long term exterior maintenance and protection and is fully certified under AMS 1650A, AMSF-484-77 and CSD-1.

As a restorer Aero Gloss removes soil, fuel stains, insects oxidation and exhaust deposits.

As a protector Aero Gloss resists stains, repels soil, retards corrosion and prevents paint deterioration.

About Aero Gloss:

  • Aero Gloss is wax free and abrasive free.
  • Aero Gloss is not a permanent coating and its purpose is to enhance the durability and integrity of the paint and reduce drag, extend paint life and maintain appearance.
  • The same results are achieved on gel coats in a marine environment.
  • Very few users of Aero Gloss pre-clean the surface and it is not required in the DRY WASH program.
  • Durability of Aero Gloss is a subjective value based on the environment it is exposed to. Independent laboratory tests have ranked Aero Gloss the best product after controlled weather testing including salt sprays, and gloss retention, gloss meter tests.
  • Coating Aero Gloss with wax will not harm Aero Gloss, but the wax becomes a de-glosser when it oxidizes which will also increase drag.
  • The shelf life is indefinite under standard storage parameters.
  • Aero Gloss is available in standard container sizes for the recreational user and drums for the commercial user.

Long time Aero Gloss users in a controlled program have proved the following:

  • The product is preferred by the industry in long term appearance and protection programs.
  • Most materials and labor cost effective product.
  • Consistent quality and performance.
  • Restores and protects under a wide range of operations and conditions.
  • Non-abrasive and wax free.
  • Recommended by major aircraft paint manufacturers.
  • Significantly extends paint life and integrity.
  • Reduces drag.